Reduce Business Costs

All the evidence suggests that managing the health and wellbeing of your employees provides an excellent return on investment.

Poor employee health management inflates the costs of running a business, and one of the biggest health issues facing the Australian workforce is physical inactivity or sedentary behaviour. In an average lifetime, we can spend upwards of 80,000 hours in the office. This means that not only is there a significant portion of employees time that management is liable for in regards to wellbeing and injury, but that by implementing a movement program with CardioDesk, management have an opportunity to have a strong positive influence on the health and wellbeing of their workforce. 

Decrease Staff Turnover
The Australian Human Resources Institute recently estimated the cost of replacing a staff member as being between 75% - 150% of their annual salary, and has cost Australian businesses around $20 billion. A study undertaken by Right Management (2009) found that by putting investment into the health and wellness of their workforce, companies are up to four times more likely to keep employees in the follwing 12 months than their less health focussed competitors.

Reduce Absenteeism
Upwards of 75% of unplanned absentees in a business are due to illness and according to an Absence Management Survey carried out by Direct Health Solutions, absenteeism rates in Australia are on the rise. In 2006 - 2010 the average number of absentee days by Australian employees rose from 8.5 to 9.87, and with the average cost to businesses in 2010 being $3741 per person per year. The economic benefits of managing office health are clear.  

Reduce Presenteeism
The hidden costs of presenteeism are difficult to measure, however even the conservative estimates made by studies from the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine show that the loss of productivity from employees turning up to work suffering from illness is costing businesses 3 or four times more than absenteeism.

Workers Compensation
According to the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission 2010 physical and mental stress accounted for 71% of the cost of compensation claims in 2009/10, the incidence of both being strongly influenced by health and wellbeing in the office environment.

With sedentary behaviour being the one of the biggest current mental and physical health concerns, CardioDesk could help you make a significant reduction to the overall wellbeing of your employees and reduce costs in your business.